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If you lost your laptop or cell phone...

how would someone know it's yours and return it?

ImHONEST ID labels can make the difference between your item being lost and found!

Now you have hope of your valuable items being returned to you if lost or stolen. You no longer need to write your name on the back of your items. Our anonymous and compelling ID labels make it convenient and rewarding for people to do the right thing.

ImHONEST.com is an online service that helps people identify their valuables before they become lost and makes it easy for finders of lost items to act on their honesty and integrity. ImHONEST.com donates 20% of its profits to charity.

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What are ImHONEST Labels?

ImHONEST is an identification and recovery service for lost items.

In 2005, more than 85,000 phones, 21,000 PDAs, about 4,500 laptops were lost in Chicago taxis. - PCWORLD, February 17, 2005

Two Reasons Why Lost Items Are Not Returned:

1. Inability to identify the owner of the item
2. Lack of a convenient return process for the finder


The loss of valuables is not only financial; it also includes stress, lost time and productivity. Memories and information are lost, and potentially sensitive personal or business information is at risk.

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How does it work?

ImHONEST.com sells durable, permanent "lost-item return" labels - each with a unique identification code. After purchasing the labels, the customer affixes them to personal valuables and activates the label through our web site. When a lost item is found, the label’s message, toll-free number, and web address prompt the finder to report and return the found item. ImHONEST.com facilitates the item’s return by allowing the finder to drop off the item at any of The UPS Store® locations, or, if the finder wishes, they can coordinate a convenient, scheduled pickup service, paid for by the item’s owner.