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Client Testimonials

We appreciate our clients and friends so much. Here are some of their comments...

“Stan is an individual with the highest ethics and business practices. Stan has been a client of mine in the past and is now providing their service for our company and employees.”

Landa Williams, LandaJob

"What a great program to protect against Identity Theft as well as provide our employees and business access to legal advice if and when needed. Our office has benefited from the onsite training and implementation allowing us to be compliant with new government statutes requiring doctor's offices to have a workable plan to help prevent Identity Theft. Adell Associates has brought us a plan that is easy to use and their expertise in the field of Identity Theft Protection is invaluable." 

George D. Decker, DC, Decker Chiropractic

“Stan has helped me hugely both as a client of his and in developing my business through introduction to his network. He has excellent product and sector knowledge and his presentation to another group to which I belong was first class. I recommend Stan and Adele without hesitation as friends and colleagues with whom it is a pleasure to do business.”

Jerry Smith, Accord Coaching

“It has been a pleasure to be associated with both Stan and Adele Adell through the Olathe Chamber of Commerce and other area organizations, including the Fran Tarkenton Breakfast. Their leadership is illustrated through their sincere, tireless efforts to work for the betterment of those organizations for which they are associated. They show true professionalism and character. Their communication skills are exemplary. Being on board with Pre-Paid Legal through Adell Associates, I highly recommend their services for small business owners!”

Dean Long, Coach-to-Success, LLC

“Over the past few month of my career transition, I have made a lot of great connections and continue to build wonderful relationships with local professionals by attending the weekly Olathe Chamber of Commerce Coffee.  Stan Adell and the Chamber-sponsored Career Connection have become a valuable resource to local job seekers and offer a welcome environment to network and receive positive support of my job search efforts.  I encourage everyone who is currently seeking a new career opportunity to join the Career Connection and establish a relationship with Stan and the Chamber members in Olathe.”

Roberta Cleveland, Career Transition

“Stan Adell is the embodiment of professionalism and personal service with integrity. Moreover, he has a real heart to help others. You cannot go wrong working with Stan.”

John Louden, Executive Director

“For the second year in a row, Stan has handled the communications for our Stems event. This means making sure over 50 people are trained and have working radios. Stan handles the panic and frustration with great diplomacy and calm. It is a pleasure to work with him as a volunteer. I know I can count on him and leave him in charge in complete trust. Thanks, Stan, for your great work.”

Teresa Stohs, Overland Park Arts Foundation

“Stan is an individual that I find it hard to write this recommendation for. Not because there isn't much to recommend, but to the contrary, he is such a professional, with great integrity, and he expertly uses his ability to connect large numbers of people together. While maintaining a very personal and intimate feeling in these connections, he seeks to provide not only his risk management solutions and advice regarding them, but an opportunity for business growth to each of the people he networks with, whether or not they personally do business with him. The hard part is, I know this is just the tip of the iceberg with Stan, get to know him yourself to see why.”

Matthew Bacon , Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Laycon Mobile Solutions, LLC

“Stan is a man of integrity and is detail oriented. You can rely on him to provide accurate information and he has your best interest at heart. In business and in life, Stan is a man of his word. I'm pleased to network my clients with his...it's a win-win for all.”

Lucy, DelSarto, RAKtivist at The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation

“Stan and I were both members of a networking group together. Using his service has been of tremendous benefit in several ways. First, the legal protection and identity protection are the best in the business in my opinion. It is hard to imagine why someone wouldn't have them. Second, I have confidence in Stan himself regarding his business. I know that if I have a question or a need, he either has the answer, or will find it quickly. He is truly interested in helping others' businesses grow and prosper.”

Lance McCarthy , Executive Director, ReTouch Design. Build. Renovate.

“Stan has been very helpful and informative. He is continously working hard to provide the most knowledgable and best service to his customers. His standards in his working ethics are high, as he always shows integrity and honesty. He has done an excellent job in helping me with my business. He is a pleasure to work with.”

Brenda McFadden , Journey Studios

“I worked with Stan at two different companies and have always been impressed with his work ethics, management style and his ability to think strategically. I would highly recommend him in any situation.”

Lois Brayfield , President & Chief Creative Officer at J. Schmid & Assoc. Inc.

“Stan provides his clients and network associates with quality service and genuine business relationships. It is always a pleasure to work with or network with Stan. Stan is one of the most sincere associate that I know. ”

Peter Latessa , VP and Partner of Erickson Solutions Group

“I would like to provide the following endorsement for Stan Adell. He is a man of integrity, determination and a hard worker. If you want to get something done, Stan is definitely the man. He will go the extra mile to help someone to reach their potential and only asks for your friendship in return. I give Stan my highest endorsement.”

David Britt , MBA

“Stan is one of the most professional and organized individuals I have ever known. He has very high skill levels in many areas. Stan's innate talents help distinguish him from others in his field. His kind and caring demeanor draw people to him.”

David Babcock , Publishing, marketing, advertising

“Diligent, that is the word that comes to mind when I think of Stan Adell. I have worked with Stan in several different capacities and I am always impressed with the painstaking effort and attention to detail Stan gives to every task, from supporting a computer network to developing a Web site. He is also genuinely interested in people and goes out of his way to see that others succeed. Stan Adell would be an asset to any organization.”

Ray Craighead , Freelance Illustrator

“Adele is a kind, caring person that is a pleasure to talk to at any opportunity. Even better, she is a sharp person with great integrity and a strong business sense. Ever since my first networking event, at which she introduced me and befriended me, I have enjoyed getting to know Adele better, and I am confident you will find it worth your time to meet her and see what she has to offer you, whether for your business, or individual needs.”

Matthew Bacon, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Laycon Mobile Solutions, LLC

“Adele has the Heart of Gold!! We have an After the Fire Program at the hotel I work at. This is for fire victims that have been moved out of their home due to fire distruction. She has graciously donated some key items for guests when they come to the hotel and have nothing, but the clothes on their back. Very Selfless!

I also volunteer with Adele as a fellow Ambassador for the Olathe Chamber of Commerce and also as a Co-Chairman of the Chairman's Liaison. She is very capable and is a great communicator.

I am lucky to be able to call her a great community player and a friend.”

Michelle Gressel, Director of Sales at Residence Inn by Marriott

“Adele became an integral part of my team soon after I assumed the IT director role for the Kansas City market for Humana. She was instrumental in the successful completion of several critical IT projects. Adele has excellent customer service skills and an ability to learn new technology very quickly. I would recommend her highly to anyone seeking to add a quality person to the IT team.”Jerry Larson, managed Adele at Humana, Inc.

"My Investigator was very knowledgeable and efficient while being very polite and empathetic. Provided the best answers! Anyone without this service these days is truly out on a limb."

Member in OR

"My Investigator was extremely knowledgeable, competent and empathetic. I could tell she wasn't just reading a script . . . I've told dozens of my friends and family about LegalShield and encouraged them to sign up."

Member in WA

"As soon as I heard my Investigator’s voice I relaxed -- that may be a strange statement, but I was amazed at how quickly he came to the phone. He listened, repeated my concerns and within minutes assured me that I was okay. I love this membership!"

Member in FL

Music - Last Chance Flight

"One of the great classic rock bands in Kansas City!"

Johnny Rowlands

“One fun and exciting evening!! This band has a way of pulling the audience into the celebration and they can’t sit still. Our annual party has been going on for years but everyone is saying this was the best event yet. Hats off to great talent with a lot of class.”

Peggy Mast, Kansas State Representative, Speaker Pro Tem

“Larry and the Last Chance Flight put on a fantastic performance. Their musical abilities and stage presence are top notch and engaging.”

Ray Merrick, Kansas Speaker of the House