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We have developed a wide variety of services that we want to share.

  • Identity Theft and Legal Services from LegalShield

    Identity Theft & Legal Services

    Everyone deserves legal protection.

    And now, with LegalShield, everyone can access it. No matter how traumatic. No matter how trivial. Whatever your situation is, we are here to help. Worry Less. Live More.

    We have been marketing identity theft and legal services through LegalShield since 2005 and have had the honor of helping many families.

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  • Employee Benefits from LegalShield

    Employee Benefits

    Benefits Employees Can Rely On.

    From the trivial to the traumatic and everything in between, our legal and identity theft protection plans are designed to meet the most common issues encountered by employees and their families. Plus, at one low monthly fee, it’s completely affordable.

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  • Small Business Services through LegalShield

    Small Business Services

    At LegalShield, small businesses benefit big.

    We believe every business should have access to legal coverage and every business should be able to afford it.

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  • ImHONEST Labels

    ImHONEST Labels

    If you lost your laptop or cell phone... how would someone know it's yours and return it?

    ImHONEST ID labels can make the difference between your item being lost and found!

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  • ShareOptimism.com


    Find resources to enjoy art, humor, music, movies, reading, traveling, shopping and more. This site will be refreshed soon.

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  • Stan Adell Drummer Info

    Stan - Musician

    Stan has enjoyed playing drums with various bands and churches. He has recorded and traveled around the world.

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